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I picked up Shogun 2 and have been trying to invest as much time as possible into it.  They’ve addressed a lot of issues here; it’s a much cleaner, more focused game than Empire (whose awe-inspiring scope meant it had some…rough edges).

Anyway, I’ve taken the role of Uesugi Kenshin.  This apparently was sort of a mistake, as just about every ally I’ve had in central Honshu (the main island) has been swallowed by the Tokugawa.  Unnervingly, the Tokugawa under Ieyasu eventually united Japan historically, and I’m loathe to have that repeated in my fantasy game where I am supposed to cover the whole of Japan in enlightened warriors of Buddha, who eventually send monks back to convert the dirty Christians of Europe into regular bathers.

I’d actually had high hopes for the Takeda clan holding out for a bit longer, but it appears they suffered some provincial unrest, letting Tokugawa first eat up the western coast then pounce on their soft underbelly.  In the meantime, my longtime allies, the Mogami clan of the north, refuse to become my vassal and block my expansion.  Given that daimyo honor actually plays an important role in diplomacy, I don’t want to break that alliance and invade without provocation, so I’m just waiting for Tokugawa to attack me.  I’m basically the only thing they can move against, as their eastern border is occupied by the Takaoka clan with whom they’re allied.

It’s going to happen.  And I have a large force of warrior monks bearing sword and spear massing for the fight.

(Seriously, pick the game up if you dig any of the Total War series; it’s worth it)


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I believe this vindicates that old series I had on the many issues of GC posting in the forums.

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Go Here and Read. (H/T Reddit)

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Why are unions bad…and businesses are not?  I’ve never entirely understood this.  Or specifically, why is it considered bad for workers to gather as collectives and negotiate thus?  Even a strike: when workers decide to not come in, to protest the actions of a company, it is considered bad by union opposers.  When the same employer fires those workers, it is applauded as “streamlining” (or “maximizing efficiencies”).

Why is this?


Obviously, I’m assuming one agrees that unions are bad.  If you don’t, then never you mind this whole question.  I probably have other questions for you.

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