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It’s Been a While

And I haven’t much to add.  On the economic front, things have been so turbulent I simply stepped back to watch.  The waters are choppy, the winds difficult to read.  I’m not even entirely certain what all is happening in the world, things seem so misty.

In games, I’ve gone back to walking through classics.  I’m not really able to hit up my PC at the moment, so Shogun 2 is resting.  I’ve instead moved back to the 360 to work on Assassin’s Creed 1 (yep, I’m slow).

I can say that I got Zune Pass and I don’t regret it.  While the subscription portion is good, and I’m happy I got it, it’s really the 10 free, DRM free songs I can download each month that make the cost even out.  Consider it like I’m paying for part of an album monthly, along with the ability to listen to a crap ton of other music all month long.  I think that works out.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing besides killer work hours.


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